5 Step Productivity Plan

1. Prepare Writing a list of objectives with the thought of the impending work needing to be done immediately is not impossible, but difficult. The temptations are to leave items off the list, aim for only 500 words rather than the 1000 needed to maintain progress to deadline or overlook important but less urgent tasks... Continue Reading →

5 Benefits of a Paper Diary.

Writing something down in order to supplement our brains capacity for memory is a practice we have undertaken since around 3000 BC. Prior to that even, there are records of Homo-sapiens marking the walls of caves and rock faces. With the fast and worryingly consistent integration of the smart phone to every part of our lives,... Continue Reading →

5 Promising Movements in Modern Agriculture

1. Bee Vectoring Technology:  Vectorite powder (CR7),  is a beneficial fungus found naturally in the environment that promotes crop health and productivity. The powder is stored on the entrance of bee community hives and is distributed by the bees as they go about their daily business pollinating plants. It helps to prevent disease establishment in... Continue Reading →

5 Startups to Watch In 2019

1. Home Brew: The hobby is increasing in popularity and for good reason, it combines science, patience and beer... whats not to love. There is a certain satisfaction that comes from taking time on a home-brew, starting with raw materials and ending with your own unique drink to share with friends and family. The only... Continue Reading →

5 Instagram Accounts to Follow.

1. julianradwildlife - Wildlife photographer, mainly small rodents with the occasional fox. His timing is exceptional, makes for some entertaining shots. Oh, and he sells a calendar, which looks brilliant!   2. autofinesse - A car detailing company, great products, and fantastic photos of the cars they treat. If you're into modified cars of all... Continue Reading →

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