5 Favourite Videos for 2018.

1. Jehu Garcia – DIY Powerwall Builder, reuses old li-ion batteries to power his home and car. Following the trend for the movement off grid, his projects are both technically challenging and beautifully artistic.


2. Ben Deakin taking on the 2018 Megavalanche – Alpe d’Huez. What better way to spend a lazy Sunday evening, than watching a POV video of someone throwing themselves down a mountain on a bicycle? Amazing scenery, fitness and skill. Entertaining watch.


3. Akira Nakai of RAUH-Welt Begriff is a Porsche tuner located in Japan. These cars have a massive polarising effect.
His success earned by his guts to follow his passion and do what most couldn’t bring themselves to do to a luxury sports car, with the technical and artistic ability to pull it off. Personally I’d take one in a heartbeat.


4. Ken Block taking on Pikes Peak Hill Climb: Colorado USA.
Driving a 4WD 1965 Meth injected Mustang @1400hp.
One of my bucket list ‘places to see’, especially if there is a hill climb on…


5. Jocko Willink – Podcaster, Author and Retired US Navy Seal.
There are an awful lot of ways to feel comfortable in 2018, millennial’s tend to hide from anything else. But in reality, being uncomfortable is where the magic happens.
Suffer and grow.
This guy is the real deal, feel your perspective shift in 139 seconds.


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