5 Startups to Watch In 2019

1. Home Brew: The hobby is increasing in popularity and for good reason, it combines science, patience and beer… whats not to love. There is a certain satisfaction that comes from taking time on a home-brew, starting with raw materials and ending with your own unique drink to share with friends and family. The only problem was facing the ugly tubs and barrels used in the production. Also a lack of automated temperature and co2 monitoring made the process very long and hard to control, flavours were often slightly strange too. All that has now changed though…..BEERMKR.



2. IRL Glasses – ‘In Real Life’ Glasses that help you switch off. In a world of constant input and connectivity I’m glad there are young entrepreneurs out there that recognise there is a movement for ‘less’ happening. Modern tech is undoubtedly efficient and brilliant in many ways, but humans just weren’t designed to have this much input all the time. I hope to see more companies and entrepreneurs following suit to explore the avenues of a less cluttered, healthy future.

IRL Glasses


3. The Eco Garden – Aquaponics and aquariums are strong interests of mine, have had this idea roaming around in my head for a while so a shame to be beaten to it but glad they have done such a good job aesthetically, hope it performs as well as it looks.Aquaculture


4. xArm – A simplified yet effective, cost efficient industrial robot arm. It is promising to see how fast industrial robots are increasing in precision and speed within large high tech manufacturing plants. But more importantly, robot arm designs like the xArm with increased simplicity and reliability makes them more accessible to smaller businesses. Perhaps a worthy investment consideration for these smaller companies looking to increase efficiency without the massive capital outlay of previous robot designs.

xArm robot arm


5. Nanobag2.0 – A water resistant bag capable of holding up to 25kg that folds up small enough to not look out of place on a bunch of keys! Just the job for those of us that struggle to remember to carry reusable bags for shopping or unplanned purchases.




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