5 Self Development Books: Change Your Mind.

Self development books are rising in popularity, but their direct effect on people is debatable. It is said that the most common result of reading a self development book is not some divine spiritual awakening, startup success or a new life journey.... but that the reader will buy another one. This certainly holds true for... Continue Reading →

5 Step Productivity Plan

1. Prepare Writing a list of objectives with the thought of the impending work needing to be done immediately is not impossible, but difficult. The temptations are to leave items off the list, aim for only 500 words rather than the 1000 needed to maintain progress to deadline or overlook important but less urgent tasks... Continue Reading →

5 Benefits of a Paper Diary.

Writing something down in order to supplement our brains capacity for memory is a practice we have undertaken since around 3000 BC. Prior to that even, there are records of Homo-sapiens marking the walls of caves and rock faces. With the fast and worryingly consistent integration of the smart phone to every part of our lives,... Continue Reading →

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